Laboratory for Visibility Hy Brasil

Director – Axel Töpfer
Supervisor – Luisa Genovese
Philosophy – Christian Driesen
Graphic Design: Joachim Bartsch / arc

Issue 0

Contributers of this issue:
Drawings - Josef Albers
Map - Joachim Bartsch
Pictures of Hy Brasil - Olivier Kriste
Pictures Hilo Drug 1 - Axel Töpfer
Pictures Hilo Drug 2 - Donald Duncan
Text 1 - Christian Driesen
Text 2 - Greg Grandin
Translation - Steven Black

Issue 1

Folding Space - David Berweger
Pictures - collection Axel Töpfer
Text - from El Monstruo Aqueronte in: Jorge Luis Borges y Margarita Guerrero Manual de zoología fantástica,
Fondo de Cultura Económica México, 1957;
translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni,
Penguin Books Ltd, Harmondsworth 1969

Issue 2

Photograph of a painting by
Josef Albers by the archive of the Baltimore Sun from the collection Axel Töpfer
Folding Space - David Berweger
Text - from Derek Jarman Chroma, London: Century 1994
Arrangement of colors - 小野寺綾 Aya Onodera

Issue 3

Movement of pyramid - Johann Lurf
Pictures of Hy Brasil - Björn Kämmerer
Folding Space - David Berweger

Issue 4

text transferred into present time from:
Das Schweigen der Sirenen by Franz Kafka written in 1917
first published by Max Brod 1931,
translated by Willa and Edwin Muir, Martin Secker London 1933

Issue 5

Photograph - Axel Töpfer

Issue 6

Photograph - Masanao Abe:
Cloud Photograph 4.2, 28 July 1929, 9:20 am.,
from a research project by Helmut Völter,
© copyright Archive Masanao Abe, Tokyo




We read Le Monde Diplomatique.
We study the work of Josef Albers.


Josef Albers
© The Josef and Anni Albers
Foundation / 2012, ProLitteris, Zürich

Greg Grandin
© Le Monde diplomatique

Hilo Drug
© collection Axel Töpfer

© 2015, the artists, collectors, authors and photographers.


Charlotte Houtz (Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress Washington), Chris Lane (The Philadelphia Print Shop); Nicholas Fox Weber, Brenda Danilowitz, Jeannette Rendensek, Michael Beggs (Josef and Anni Albers Foundation); Nadine Degen (ProLitteris); Jahan Salehi (Agence Global), Wendy Kristianasen, Dorothee d’Aprile (Le Monde diplomatique); Susanne Buder, René Schraner, Cécile Hummel (KunstKredit Basel-Stadt)
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